General rules and regulations:

1. Students should not bring any expensive items like camera, walkman/ diskman etc to the dorm in case any such items is found in possession of any student, and the same will be confiscated. They should not keep any cash with them, if any amount of cash is found with them, they will be liable to pay a fine of Rs 5000/-

2. Students will be fined for any loss or damage caused by them.

3. Parents can meet or take their wards out only on exeat days mentioned in the Annual Fixture. Parents won’t be allowed even meet their wards on another days including holiday and Sunday.

4. Please arrange your family programmes after going through the school calendar. Leave will not be granted on normal school days.

5. The students should be present in the school on the reopening days itself after all vacations/exeats. A fine of Rs 200 will be charged for their absence holidays.

6. Withdrawal of a child: three months advance notice should be given to withdraw any child. Otherwise the payment of 3 months full fees, both school and boarding, is to be made, notice of withdrawal is to be given at least 90 days in advance in case the child is not continuing the course the following academic year, Failure to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned above shall be considered as an act of misconduct or negligence or both.