Co-Curricular activities are an integral part of the training given in school. They include Dramatics, Debating, Elocution, Eisteddfod, Dancing, Drawing, Painting,  Art & craft, Quiz &  Olympiads.



Laced with modern amenities two separate but twin hostel buildings for girls and boys enhance the beauty of the campus.
The dormitories are well ventilated, spacious and well lit, fostered with strict discipline but nurtured with love.





To promote the reading skill of the child and to make him up to date with latest knowledge, the school has a rich collection of books on all subjects and for all levels of children.






To enable child to pace with the ever growing world of technology , the school has a well organized computer laboratory with internet connection, each child is provided a separate computer to work on it.






To help children build healthy and good physique, well-equipped gymnasium plays a vital role in build muscles and developing strong bones. Riding and Skating have now been recently introduced much to the delight of the students.





Teachers and Students have access to rich collection of books and meet their educational, informative and recreational needs. Library has large collection of books of Fiction, Non-fiction, Reference books, Literature, biographies, General knowledge, Fables and Folktales, Science, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Magazine, Comics




A well trained staff nurse is made available in the school premises for 24 hours to ensure the health and well being of pupils, emergencies are treated at the hospitals at Wai, medicines prescribed by the doctors are given to the child by Matron/ Hostel in-charge only. No child is permitted to keep any medicine with him / her. All the medicines brought by parents/ guardians/ children must be handed over to the Matron / Dorm in charge with its prescription



A sound mind dwells in the sound body. To ensure the sound body and physical growth of the child a well balanced nutritious, wholesome, tasty, and homely food is served in all the meals. A separate dining section is kept reserved for Jain students and separate Jain food is served to them.




Entertainment refreshes mind, with this view, educative as well as entertaining television programs and movies are shown in Sundays under the supervision of staff members, even children are allowed to enjoy their free time in school garden.





To develop the scientific attitude among the students and to give them practical experience in science, a well equipped science laboratory is made available for the students.






Swimming is useful to children in many ways. It not only strengthens the shoulder and thigh muscles, but also allows children to breathe deeply, and sustain breath under water for long periods of time. Realizing the importance of swimming for fun and as a sport, children are provided specific time slots and weekend slots for practice of swimming.




  • Well experienced, qualified teaching staff
  • Well Equipped Science Lab
  • Modern Computer Lab
  • Digital classrooms
  • Big Library magazines and reference books.
  • Special Art & Craft section.
  • Specious Auditorium cum Recreation hall
  • Digital classroom
  • Infirmary
  • Modern Gym
  • Design & Technology Lab
  • Swimming & Cricket Coaching

School at a glance